eSmart Systems signs new agreement with leading shopping centre player Citycon

eSmart Systems has been chosen to develop a smart energy platform for Citycon. The goal is to reduce the corporation’s energy costs, energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Citycon owns and operates 44 shopping centres in the Nordic countries, including Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia. Recently, they entered a collaboration with eSmart Systems. The agreement was signed on Tuesday, June 26th.

“We are to deliver a pilot for a smart energy platform for CityCon’s shopping centre in Buskerud, Norway. The platform will serve as a top system, collecting data from different existing systems. The platform will provide a total overview and will make it possible to optimize the local energy resources and loads,” explains Kenneth Juul, Sales Manager at eSmart Systems.

Preparing large-scale rollout

The overall goal is to reduce energy costs, energy consumption and carbon footprint. The Citycon pilot in Buskerud will require eSmart Systems to do a further development of the Connected Prosumer concept.

“The pilot will serve as a proof of the value of the system, making the ground for a further rollout within the Citycon portfolio in the Nordics. For Buskerud it is estimated that the system will help reduce the carbon footprint by approximately 5 percent, which counts for a yearly reduction of 35 190 tons of CO2,” says Juul. He adds:

“In addition, we expect a significant reduction in peak loads. Buskerud Shopping Centre has recently been rehabilitated and have modern and efficient systems. Therefore, we expect even greater reductions at other sites.”  

Sustainable collaboration

eSmart Systems’ and Citycon’s new cooperation is a result of their shared focus on sustainability, reducing the energy consumption, and utilizing existing infrastructure to the full.

“We consider the cooperation to be particularly interesting. Citycon has shown that they are a forward-leaning company, taking an active part in pushing for new solutions and technology. We need partners like Citycon,” comments Juul.

He also acknowledges their strong domain knowledge within operation and managing of real estate.

“They can provide us with vital knowledge when we further develop our Connected Prosumer solution. Real estate represents a large share of the total energy consumption globally. Thus, we see a very clear and scalable business case.”

“Heading in the right direction”

eSmart Systems will have the lead in the cooperation. The project has been divided into four phases; planning, installations, integrations, and visualization.

“Integrations will be with their local Energy Management System. Visualization will be made in near real-time, including a public display with visualization of the energy flow,” explains Juul.

Citycon’s Senior Property Manager & Sustainability, Magne Eriksen, is satisfied with the agreement and looks forward to working with a new and innovative partner.

"Tomorrow's shopping centers require effective management and monitoring to reduce our own as well as national and global carbon footprints. We are confident that eSmart Systems has the knowledge and solution to safeguard our diverse and complex installations”, says Eriksen.

Enova is also a part of the project, and Eriksen continues: 

“The support from Enova confirms that we are heading in the right direction. With this, they acknowledge that the real estate industry’s future oriented work is important. eSmart Systems will facilitate our operating team to remain the front-runner in our industry."


About Citycon

  • Citycon is a leading owner, manager and developer of urban, grocery-anchored shopping centres in the Nordic region, managing assets that total almost EUR 4.5 billion.
  • Citycon is No. 1 shopping centre owner in Finland and among the market leaders in Norway, Sweden and Estonia. Citycon has also established a foothold in Denmark.
  • Citycon’s shopping centres attract approximately 165 million visitors annually.