eSmart Systems got 3rd place in innovation contest

A total of ten participants took part in the competition arranged by Undervisningsbygg, where the goal was to propose solutions for storage of solar power produced on buildings.

eSmart Systems’ solution was awarded with 3rd place and a prize of 50 000 NOK. The company’s control system reaped praise from advisor at Undervisningsbygg, Bodil Motzke.

Fulfilled the criteria

“eSmart Systems meets the challenge of seasonal storage and short interval storage. The described control system is definitely interesting, and a good control system is a necessary component in an energy concept for an energy-plus house school building,” Motzke says. She adds:

“It is a thorough report and the solution matches our criteria in a great way”.

eSmart Systems shared 3rd place with Norwegian Green Energy and their hybrid energy supply system.

New way of thinking

Sweco won 1st place and 200 000 NOK with their solution to speed-charging of electric vehicles (EVs).

“The jury liked all the details described in the solution, which proved great veracity to a potential implementation. The solution showcases a whole new way of thinking when it comes to transforming energy and creating profit”, comments Motzke.

The two companies ÅF Engineering and Incube AS shared 2nd place, and they each received 150 000 NOK.