eSmart Systems' Düsseldorf Press Meeting – “Germany Can Save Billions of Euros”

On April 4th, 2017, eSmart Systems' Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Jørgen Kildahl, and Regional Manager Samuel Stähle invited to a press meeting at the Dreischeibenhaus in Düsseldorf - in connection with the opening of eSmart Systems' Düsseldorf offices.

“The need for traditional grid investments is overstated. New technology holds the key to an affordable transformation into a sustainable society”, said Jørgen Kildahl. 

Due to the increasing share of distributed renewable energy and an increase in e-mobility, the energy system is becoming more and more complex. In order to use all resources more efficiently, we have to apply new technologies. 

New artificially intelligent software systems (AI) make it possible to use the infrastructure more efficiently and hence reduce the need for investment in combination with operating costs. Customers have seen a significantly reduction in costs and believe that they will be able to reduce the operating costs in the power-, gas-, heat- and water distribution grids by 15 to 25 percent. These ground breaking AI software systems can utilize the huge volume of data that streams from the increasing number of smart meters and sensors connected to the grids.

In order for Germany to move from an energy system based on fossil fuels to a low emission and sustainable way of generating and distributing energy, huge investments are needed.


Approximately 50 billion Euros are planned invested between 2017 and 2025 in the power transmission grids alone. The planning does not, however, take the use of new technology into account.  

“Based on the results eSmart Systems has seen at the customers using the company's software solutions for three years, we believe Germany can reduce the invests in the order of 30 percent”, said Jørgen Kildahl. 

eSmart Systems’ ambition is to improve the utilization of the existing power generation, distribution and storage infrastructure, and to reduce the need for capital expenditures. 

“Today’s existing outdated IT-legacy systems simply cannot handle the data volumes and the complexities in grids with a high share of renewable and decentralised energy resources. Therefore, eSmart Systems is combining domain expertise, data engineering and machine learning in systems which have proven themselves in practical life. The cloud based solutions that eSmart Systems' customers are using now, were developed from scratch using a completely new technological platform. This was part of the EU Horizon 2020 EMPOWER-project that already in 2013 established a test area with 10.000 smart meters and distributed energy resources. One of the key advantages of eSmart Systems' solutions, is that they can be fully installed and integrated within weeks and run on top of the existing data systems that our customers have in operation already” said Samuel Stähle.

Today, the natural fluctuations of power consumption and grid imbalances including grid frequencies and voltage levels on high, medium and low voltage feeders, are predominantly centrally regulated. This will change dramatically as more controllable power grid components are being deployed; such as communicating solar inverters and energy storage systems. The very intelligent management of these highly flexible elements in real-time, allows significant savings in power grid operations and planning,as well as a reduction of the investments in additional power generation capacities.

“eSmart Systems represents the transition from Smart to Intelligent Grids. ” said Jørgen Kildahl.


About eSmart Systems

eSmart Systems develops digital intelligence for the energy industry and smart communities. The company is based on more than 20 years of international experience in establishing and operating knowledge based and leading IT and energy related companies targeting global markets.

We are a software provider to the energy industry, service providers and smart cities. Our platform is designed to handle Internet of Things, big data and analytics in real time. It gives grid operators insight into the distribution network, it makes it possible to trade energy between prosumers in a local market, and it can be used to monitor air quality in a city. Common to all applications is large amounts of data from sensors, analyzed using our models for prediction and optimization. This results in completely new ways to visualize data, make decisions and save resources and costs. The platform is designed for big data from the ground up with no legacy. 

eSmart Systems originates from the renowned IFE environment (Institute for Energy Technology). The company was started in 2012 by an experienced team which has previously been responsible for some of the largest IT services exports, as the delivery of the world's first power exchange to Nord Pool, the Nordic Power Exchange, in 1991. Since 2012 the company has grown rapidly and currently consists of over 60 employees with offices in Norway, UK, USA, Singapore and Germany.

eSmart Systems is a young company, but can demonstrate extensive experience in processing large data sets and meet massive market changes. We are convinced that this experience is important in the development of next-generation IT solutions.

Our history tells a lot about our future.