Davide Roverso presents eSmart Systems at Benevolent AI in London.

eSmart Systems admitted for TEA accelerator program

Together with seven other selected Norwegian AI.IoT scaleups eSmart Systems is part of the Tech city Executive Accelerator (TEA) program in London.

This year’s program is a special edition on digital intelligence and its transformational impact on Norwegian businesses innovation capabilities and continuous growth. Innovation Norway arranges the program, and industry giants like Telenor, Equinor and DNB are also among the companies participating.

“Our mission is to connect forward leaning Norwegian top-tier executives with frontrunners and extraordinary teams in various industries exchanging hands on experience on how to strategically utilize emerging AI and IOT technologies around the world, Innovation Norway writes on their webpage.  

"We are very pleased to be a part of this program, says Davide Roverso, Chief Analytics Officer at eSmart Systems.

"It is exciting to meet other Norwegian companies working with AI, and the connection to London is also very important as we see it is by far the largest AI hub in Europe", he concludes.