Rust detection on Energinet’s towers using eSmart Systems AI (2017)

Energinet and eSmart Systems partner to improve and streamline rust inspection

Energinet and eSmart Systems leverage synergies between human experts and AI-based analytics to succeed in the transition from manual to automated processes thanks to a revolutionary new Grid Vision® corrosion module.

A co-development within eSmart Systems’ Grid Vision Innovation Lab programme 

The need for automated processes

Rust detection on aging infrastructure is a challenging task. With steel towers constructed primarily in the 1960s and 1970s and in a maritime climate, Energinet faces a particular challenge when it comes to rust.

“We needed a solution to help streamline our rust inspections and at the same time improve the end-to-end maintenance process,” said Kenneth Nørup Knudsen, Team Leader and Senior Specialist at Energinet of Energinet.  “Working with eSmart Systems gives us access to world class AI and inspection management tools, and the ability to participate in the design of this all-new module is an exciting step on our innovation and digitalization journey.”

From images to actionable information

Energinet and eSmart Systems have a long history together. The journey towards a strong partnership began in 2017 when Energinet needed a solution to instantly detect and quantify rust on their towers. The companies now embark in a co-development to create an all-new module of eSmart Systems’ inspection software Grid Vision, which gives Energinet an overview of grid condition by assessing the percentage of deep rust on each asset using advanced AI algorithms.

eSmart Systems will deliver an asset-based inspection solution relying on collaborative AI to harness SMEs expertise, increase automation and asset insight. That allows Energinet to monitor rust evolution on towers over time and even to enable predictive maintenance.

“We are excited to partner with eSmart Systems to co-design a solution that will streamline our inspection processes. Grid Vision uses an asset-based approach that is easy to leverage in operations and integrate with our existing systems,” said Kenneth Nørup Knudsen, Team Leader and Senior Specialist of Energinet.

“Energinet is one of the early movers in the market, and we are thrilled to partner with them within the Grid Vision Innovation Lab programme to develop user-friendly solutions that improve the inspection process and reduce costs. This approach will ensure the resulting solution incorporates user-driven criteria and provides maximum business value to Energinet,” said Knut Johansen, CEO of eSmart Systems.

eSmart Systems' Grid Vision Innovation Lab is a revolutionary programme whereby customers are invited to co-design new solutions with eSmart Systems’ team of industry digitalization experts. Members of the programme have the chance to directly influence Grid Vision’s development and get early access to the new features while eSmart benefits from this unique forum to gather feedback and fine-tune the solutions before official release.