Cluster for Applied AI in The National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

The Norwegian National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI) was released on January 14th, 2020. The strategy mentions specifically the new cluster for Applied AI and eSmart Systems, along with cluster members Smart Innovation Norway, IFE and Østfold University College.

According to the newly launched strategy, the business clusters represent a policy instrument that can be suitable for promoting business development in AI. The following was stated:

«In Halden, eSmart Systems, the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Østfold University College and the research and innovation company Smart Innovation Norway have taken the initiative to develop a new cluster, the Cluster for Applied AI.

The ambition is to create an optimal platform for developing Norwegian companies' international competitiveness and sustainable social development through applied artificial intelligence. The purpose of the cluster is to create new jobs and sustainable development based on rapid development and application of AI. Key focus areas will be technological development, commercialisation, ethics, security and accessibility. The cluster will facilitate the sharing of data, infrastructure and other technologies that its members would otherwise be unable to invest in

The newly launched AI strategy will serve as a framework for both public and private entities seeking to develop and use artificial intelligence.

Read the full strategy  - The National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence


About Cluster for Applied AI

The research and innovation company Smart Innovation Norway, the research organization IFE (Institute of Energy Technology) and eSmart Systems are the initiator behind the brand-new business cluster within applied AI. The new cluster´s main objective is to lift Norwegian companies into the future. Its focus is on artificial intelligence, cyber security, business development, ethics and framework conditions, people and organization.


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