Power Grid Operators

Grid operators face massive changes: Regulatory changes, aging power grids, decentralized production, increasing power-demanding loads, grid investments, expensive operations and increasing maintenance costs.

The technology to solve these problems, now exists. All you have to do is use it.

Operating grids using Machine Learning, Big Data and real-time analytics optimize their grid performance while reducing their capital expenditures and operating expenses by up to 40 percent.

Connected Grid provides a digital platform for intelligent grid operations. Our solution gives power grid operators actual market consumption and power output to reduce the need for grid capacity expansion. By introducing an intelligent top layer system utilizing internal data sources enriched with external data, together with Artificial Intelligence, Connected Grid extracts new insights for operations, improves fault detection and provides you with the best decision-support possible.

Adding Connected Drone with its Intelligent Assistant to the equation, grid operators can predict future problems, drastically reduce the time from data collection to completed analysis and perform operations faster, easier and safer.

Connected Grid is the next generation solution for energy companies.

Introducing Digital Intelligence to grid operation optimizes grid performance and significantly reduces capital and operating expenses

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