Deregulation and digitalization of energy and utility markets have shifted and will continue to shift power from central distributors to the consumers. In some markets, consumers have organized into groups or collectives in neighborhoods or whole towns in order to further distance themselves from the grid interface.

This has been made possible through the establishment of local energy production as well as local grid solutions. The motivation is cost savings and a desire to take control of their own energy mix.  

Increased end user independency and the daybreak for end users organizing as collectives or neighborhoods to strengthen their position in the energy market is a threat to existing roles and revenue streams. As any threat, this one may also be turned into an opportunity. Existing revenue streams will change but not disappear.  They are up for grabs by companies willing to take advantage of market changes.  

eSmart Systems is already working with energy solutions and optimization for neighborhoods. With eSmart Systems’ solutions for neighborhoods you can capitalize on this market development and offer value to your customers in their pursuit of increased market and grid independence and cost savings.  

The emerging establishment of local energy production and local grid solutions offers new revenue streams for energy market players

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