Great challenges lie ahead for the health sector. But so do great opportunities. Due to the increasing proportion of elderly, the need to reduce costs, better utilizing health workers and offering more flexible solutions to healthcare recipients, we are forced to think of alternative ways to develop new and better health services - without compromising the lives or health of citizens.

Today's advanced technology makes it possible to develop and offer a completely different range of services than ever before.

Healthcare has many names; Welfare technology - Telemedicine – Safety solutions. Common to all of them is that they offer us the opportunity to live longer and safer in our own homes or homes owned by the municipalities. Utilizing different types of IoT equipment with sensory and measurement capabilities, huge amounts of information will be generated and included in future healthcare solutions.

This information can trigger alarm situations to response centers. Sensors and location services can indicate the status of a person's movement and activity pattern, and health measurements provide useful input about a patient's health status.

All this can be linked together, and with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence we can offer new insights and see real-time relationships in a way that has never been possible before.  

Municipalities and other agencies can now work proactively and predictively with their patients and residents to generate personal risk zones based on their medical condition. The savings, both financial and human, are enormous.

Through different interfaces and apps, users can interact directly with patients, using both voice and video. New value chains are created outside the traditional health care segments, and by forcing better information flow and interaction between different roles and instances, patients and other residents will achieve better security, freedom and quality of life. 

Combining Healthcare Technology with financial and human savings will greatly benefit society as a whole

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