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With technological developments in data processing, Artificial Intelligence and communication abilities across utility sectors open new opportunities for change in the existing roles in the energy markets - In addition to introducing new players. An Energy Service Company (ESCO) is such an emerging role in the new energy markets domain

The role as an Energy Service Company (ESCO) can be assumed by a wide range of companies and energy markets participants with access to energy consumption data or with a framework for incorporating such data into their existing service offerings. An example of the latter might be a security company or home automation supplier which both have an existing secure data connection to the home.

eSmart Systems offer services that can provide both the domain insight and the data processing capabilities for a company with a clear cut strategy to assume or expand their role as an energy company. With eSmart Systems as a partner, the time to market for such solutions will be greatly reduced due to the fully cloud-based solution and the already developed cloud architecture for such functionality.

An Energy Service Company (ESCO) is an emerging role in the new energy markets domain ready for casting

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