District Heating

The increasing focus on, and new legal requirements for, efficient district heating, have created a heightened need for new and better solutions. Silo-based specialist systems make it difficult to capitalize on the large and increasingly complex amount of collected data, significantly minimizing the yield.    

New technology making it possible to easily access and exploit this data, is fully available. 

Remote reading of meters combined with advanced analytics makes it possible to optimize district heating operations. Meter data provides valuable insight and correct measures into the network. This increases ease of use and contributes to quickly helping customers and finding problem areas.  

eSmart Systems’ game-changing district heating solution provides utilized data from various systems. Connected Heating opens up the possibility to access aggregated and simultaneous data from all billing meters, SCADA and pipe systems, supplying vital insight to operational optimization. Virtual and unlimited space in the Cloud, ensures a secure, cost effective, monitored and always-running system. It also prepares the network for more flexibility with demand response-components and controls.  

Offering a modern control center with real-time dashboards, maps, detailed information, status updates and call center solutions, Connected Heating presents a future of simplicity for complex situations.

The modern control center offers simplicity for complex situations, presenting operators with real-time dashboards, maps, detailed information, status updates and call center solutions

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