Digitization and technological changes are creating enormous opportunities for new value creation.  IT has become the critical driving force in all aspects of business, across all types of industries and across all aspects of societies.  Our future is riding on IT.  eSmart Systems provides digital solutions to every digital opportunity. 
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Power Grid Operators

Grid operators face massive changes in their industry. Never has there been so many challenges, never has there been so many opportunities and never so many solutions.
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Water Utilities

More than two billion people face a water scarcity every month. At the same time, tremendous amounts of water are still wasted. Water losses through distribution is a huge problem.
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District Heating

The increasing focus and new legal requirements regarding efficiency concerning district heating, has created a heightened need for new and better solutions.
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Energy Retailers

New technological developments create opportunities for change in the existing roles in the energy markets, in addition to introducing new players.
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Traditionally reconciling financial trades to brokers, is a slow and labour intensive process. Many differing Markets, Products and Trades make manual reconciliation a difficult and inefficient task.
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Commercial Real Estate

The increased use of new technology such as smart house devices, new power intensive equipment and distributed energy resources, introduces new challenges and possibilities to real estate owners.
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Deregulation and digitalisation of the energy- and utilities market have shifted and will continue to shift power from the central distributors to the consumers.
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Cities & Communites

In all parts of society, be it agencies, municipalities or larger regions, there is a responsibility to handle and develop smart and well-functioning services and solutions.
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Within the health sector, there lies great challenges ahead, but also fantastic opportunities. Today's advanced technology makes it possible to develop and offer a completely different range of services.
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