Turn inspection data into asset insight


Extend asset life

With automated and accurate asset insight from eSmart Systems’ Intelligent Assistant your asset life time management can be individually tailored.

Assets that do not require replacement can serve longer and money can be saved.

Lower maintenance costs

Fresh insight about your towers and poles can be shared safely and efficiently with eSmart Systems’ Desktop, web and mobile apps.

By implementing the product, utilities are optimizing their inspection processes, reducing the number of visits per asset, lowering maintenance costs and reducing the environmental impact.

Get full overview of your entire grid in the user friendly and efficient client
The Intelligent Assistant automatically detects defects and pinpoints potential problems

Reduce failure rates

Using traditional systems it is a challenge to keep accurate insight on the state of each component on every single asset.

With eSmart Systems' automatic asset and component analytics, threats can be pinpointed early, high risk components can be monitored, and failure rates can be reduced.

“We are impressed by the accuracy in eSmart Systems’ Connected Drone software for rust detection. In a dataset of 7.500 pictures the algorithm found rust, with 96 % accuracy." 

"With digital recording of data and images we are able to detect changes in rust over time, which can be very valuable to us in the future.“

- Lars Rasmussen, Energinet Denmark.


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How we work

How we work together with you

Transforming data into useful information is quickly becoming the most valuable asset a company can have. Our products are providing completely new ways of utilizing data, making decisions, saving resources and cost. We are changing the way energy companies operate.


Even though our products have the potential to greatly impact how our customers operate, changing business processes is hard. Our customer engagement journey is developed to ensure that our products have maximum impact in our customers' operations from day one.

How the product works

  1. Collect data easily from multiple sources.
    We support both aerial (drone or helicopter) and ground inspection data,
    collected via apps, the eSmart Systems API or Microsoft Azure.
  2. Analyze at scale with The Intelligent Assistant
  3. Visualize the new insight in one of the apps
  4. Let the experts decide what to do
  5. Share the decision efficiently with one of our apps or the eSmart Systems API
Connected Drone supports both inspection data taken from the air and the ground

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