Per Christian Gundersen

Head of Support

 As Head of Support at eSmart Systems my responsibilities is mainly taking care of our support system and ensure that customer activities are seen to deliver measureable and significant value to our customers. 

I also take part in delivering projects connected to Meter Data Management systems, the installation and configuration of applications and systems, and training of customers.

My days are very varied. Some are filled with support cases, which could be anything coming from our customers, providing a wide experience regarding all eSmart Systems’ applications and systems. Other days are filled with testing and quality assurance of new system features. In addition to this, there are almost always meetings to attend and quite a lot of multitasking.

I have been honing my computer engineering skills for a few years now. Going into a job, I am first and foremost looking for a position where I can continue to exercise those skills. It is important to me that the position allows me to not only play with data, but also present my findings and suggestions directly to clients - that is something I find very refreshing! 

I am always very motivated by being able to see the impact my work has on other people. A position which allows me to grow and develop professionally is important, seeing as I hope to take on managerial responsibilities in future.

Of course, the position is only part of the equation. Being employed at a company where I can work toward something I care about, matters too. eSmart Systems’ goal of being a leading software supplier in the Energy industry inspires me, and I am really excited about my job.

"I am always very motivated by being able to see the impact my work has on other people"

Per Christian Gundersen

Per Christian Gundersen, Head of Support