About us

Mission, vision & values

eSmart Systems is being built by people able to capture trends and utilize opportunities. Be it next generation grid management systems, the efficient operation of future city resources , or driving customer, end-users, and citizen engagement - being at the forefront of future solutions is in our team’s DNA. eSmart Systems isn’t riding the sixth wave of innovation or the fourth industrial revolution, we’re creating it as we accelerate the world’s progress towards sustainable societies. 



The key to our success is competent and dedicated people constantly seeking to learn, improve and drive change. 

At eSmart Systems we build digital intelligence solutions that accelerate the transition to sustainable societies. To build profound Digital Intelligence we combine domain expertise with machine learning, and data engineering. At the intersection between these disciplines we seek to create innovative and intelligent business solutions for the digital age.




We have high aspirations and are determined to make a difference!

Our mission is to build Digital Intelligence to provide exceptional solutions to our customers and accelerate the transition to sustainable societies by providing software solutions to the energy industry, service providers and smart cities.

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eSmart Systems’ achievements are not only measured by what value we create, but by how we create it.

This is why our core values are:

  • Integrity: We act with honesty and honor.
  • Innovation: We pursue new ideas that have the potential to change the world.
  • Excellence: We take pride in our work, we aspire to constantly renew ourselves, and to exceed expectations.
  • Teamwork: We committed to developing each other.




We envision a future of sustainable societies. Our contribution to achieving this is intelligent software solutions that optimize the yield of resources. We believe this will be best achieved through our unique combination of domain expertise, machine learning, and data engineering. This combination enables us to:

  • Deliver intelligent solutions that can predict, detect, and prevent undesired critical infrastructure events, such as power outages and water leakages
  • Optimize the capacity of distributed energy resources, provide a platform for demand response, and the local trading of energy between prosumers
  • Help cities grow citizen awareness and engagement by displaying sustainability-enhancing KPI’s across all user interfaces
  • Promote better resource utilization in healthcare by offering a platform that realizes virtual health services.

Our vision is sustainable societies. A world where infrastructure assets and resources are efficiently and intelligently managed and maintained. A world where human care is assisted by digital intelligence. A world powered by eSmart Systems.

At eSmart Systems we build Digital Intelligence solutions that accelerate the transition to sustainable societies.