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eSmart Systems is based on more than two decades of successful and extensive international experience at establishing, growing and operating knowledge-based and world-leading IT- and energy-related companies targeting global markets. 

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We are always on the lookout for talented software developers, technical experts and managers

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Knut H. H. Johansen

Birger Patrick 8/27/2014


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Hans Martin Hovengen

Henriette Forsetlund 7/31/2015


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Knut E. Gustavsen

Birger Patrick 8/27/2014

CVP International Markets 

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Erik Åsberg

Birger Patrick 9/5/2014


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Hogne Fevang

Henriette Forsetlund 3/24/2015

Sales Director

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Roy Einar Angell

Anett Gunnerud 9/6/2014


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Stig Ødegaard Ottesen

Anett Gunnerud 9/6/2014

Head of R&D

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Tina M. Skagen

Henriette Forsetlund 2/10/2015

Director of Business Development

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Davide Roverso

Henriette Forsetlund 5/29/2015

Chief Analytics Officer 

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Henrik Løvfold

Henriette Forsetlund 12/8/2016

Project Director 

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Board of Directors

Anett Gunnerud 9/8/2014
Chairman of the Board Jørgen Kildahl         
Board Members       Bjørn Svendsen
  Erling Sande 
  Joseph Sirosh
  Erik Åsberg 
  Hege Skryseth

Knut H.H. Johansen