eSmart Systems:

Provider of Next-Generation IT Solutions

eSmart Systems provides AI driven software solutions to the energy industry and service providers. The company is based on more than 20 years of international experience in establishing and operating knowledge based, leading IT and energy related companies targeting global markets.

We provide software solutions to the energy industry and service providers. Our cloud born platform is designed to handle and exploit the Internet of Things, Big Data and Analytics in real time. 

Common to all applications is vast data quantities gathered from sensors, which are analyzed using advanced prediction and optimization models. This results in completely new ways of visualizing data, making decisions and saving resources and costs. The platform is designed for Big Data from the ground up without legacy.

eSmart Systems originates from the renowned IFE environment (Institute for Energy Technology). The company was founded in 2012 by an experienced team previously responsible for large IT service exports including delivery of the world's first power exchange to Nord Pool, the Nordic Power Exchange, in 1991. Since 2012 the company has grown rapidly and currently consists of almost 80 employees with offices in Norway, Denmark, the UK, and USA. 

eSmart Systems has extensive experience at processing large data sets and meeting massive market changes

- experience essential to the development of next-generation IT solutions.

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